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The following levels are taught at the Semeneya Ballroom every Wednesday night.

This is updated for May 2012.
Time Classroom 1 Classroom 2 Elsewhere
7:00pm Lindy 1
Ed and Tia
Moves in Partner Charleston
Ben and Lara
8:00pm Intro to Swing
Mikey and Katy
Challenge Your Connection
Ben and Tia
9pm-11pm Swing Dance Social

If paid monthly:
If paid weekly:
The figure above only initially reflects the price of the social only exness. Please select a lesson from the chart above to have a price for lessons.

5th week:
May 30, 2012 Special Event TBD

You can pay at the door with cash, check or Debit/Credit Card.

If you're unsure as to what class to join, feel free to ask an instructor what is most appropriate for your skillset. The instructors of the class you want to take will have final say as to whether or not you may take their class exness thailand.

Other Lessons

A free Intro to Swing lesson is also taught on Monday nights at Sam's Burger Joint.

We have a variety of excellent instructors that teach private lessons.

Austin Lesson Scholarship Program

Are you beyond the level of our progressive lessons? SASDS might pay for you to take lessons on Tuesdays at Four on the Floor. Read the Program Description for the details.

Notes on Lessons

You can take either classes with or without a partner -- most people come without a partner. In the group lessons we recommend that leads and follows rotate amongst the other dancers to learn better leading and following technique.

Comfortable shoes are recommended. Tennis shoes work very well. If you want a little slide, put masking tape on the bottom or get leather put on the bottom of your shoes. If you don't have these things, just wear something that sticks to your foot. New dancers should avoid high-heeled shoes, footwear with heavy treads, and shoes that can easily slip off your foot exness th.

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