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All of these songs are available on iTunes and would make great starts to your blues collection exness. Also available on YouTube.

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ULHS 2007 - Solo Blues Finals Contest
(Video quality is poor, but watch how every single step is taken with meaning and confidence, and the variations between very quick motions and very slow motions. And, of course, note the attitude!)

2009 bluesSHOUT! Exhibition Dance
(This is an informal battle between instructors. Again, note the attitude – what you do isn’t nearly as important as how you do it. This video has a good variety of solo and partner dancing exness th.)

2009 bluesSHOUT! Ballroom Blues Finals
(Especially watch the first couple [guy in red shirt] and last couple [girl in red dress]- how the lead alternates between close embrace and giving the follow room to play, and how she uses it)

2009 bluesSHOUT! Champions Division Spotlight
(Note all the different styles that are done to the same piece of music. The last two couples especially each come out and have a distinct interpretation of the song, and you can hear the crowd’s reaction to this. As you go out dancing, find someone whose style you like and watch them – try to hear what they hear in the music and the kinds of motion they bring out of it.)

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