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    The Balboa was named after the location of its inception, the Balboa Peninsula, southern California. It evolved in the 1920’s from a number of popular dances of the day (Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Swing etc.). It is an 8-count dance done in closed (“Pure Bal") or open (“Bal-Swing") position. Characterized by an upright position, a body “pulse", and elaborate footwork, it’s most often danced at high speeds although it can be enjoyed at all tempos.

    Balboa is taught locally from time to time in San Antonio by SASDS, but is also available in Austin at BalAustin and sometimes at Four on the Floor. Additionally, balboa DVDs are available in the SASDS Library.

    Once you've learned some basics, national workshops is where you may have the most fun.

    Nick Williams and Kate Hedin

    All Balboa 2010 Recap

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